EJ-502IR Okayo IR Microphone

Product Documentation

Product Information

  • Name:Okayo IR Microphone
  • Model:EJ-502IR

The infrared receiver EJ-502IR is featured in 2 infrared microphone channels and allowing to be used at simultaneously or unlimited microphone to be operated at school classrooms without interferences or unsecured use in adjacent rooms. No worry for channel selection, unstable frequency interferences or installations!

  • Dual-Channel Infrared Wireless Receiver
  • Built-in IR-502 receive module
  • Two microphone channels
  • LED indicators for audio frequency and channel
  • Single volume control with increased numeric adjustment
  • 1/4 U receiver rack design
  • Interference-free, interception-free
  • Allocation for multiple rooms installation purpose
  • Preventing complicated frequency
  • Individual volume control for microphone
  • Volume control with increased numeric adjustment
  • LED indicators for easy identification.
  • Mic/Line output switch
  • Two sensor audio inputs (F type)

Optional Transmitters

  • EJ-501TI – Infrared handheld transmitter
  • EJ-5TI – Infrared Pendent Transmitter


  • IRS-20–Infrared sensor reception area approx. 15M
  • IRS-30– Infrared sensor reception area 360 Full semi-spherical (half dome) coverage